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January 25th, 2015

Well, I had a friend post a link to something on Livejournal and that sparked an interest in coming back. It was a fun ordeal. It seems I couldn't remember anything to log in over the course of 4 years and at least 6 months since I last logged in. In fact, I almost lost access to my email linked to my recovery info. But it's good that I still could access that account as it is where my credit card company sends me fun things like how much I owe them and that hey cool, my credit score has gone up since I last looked!

Obligatory since I last posted:
I have now been the ML for Nanowrimo for the last few years. My NaNoWriMo has now become a full blown series!
I am still awesome at making cakes (judging by my last post).
I am the mom of THREE kids now! My oldest baby is almost 11 years old! My middle child, sweet A is 6 going on 7 in. My baby is not really a baby. He's 2.5 years old. Wow. So lots of changes.
Cherry is 7 years old already, and we OMG have a cat! We adopted Thor last spring. He's a sweet tail less Manx mix.
I teach religious ed, second grade First Communion class at my church. And have been since Emma was in 2nd grade.
I'm a Girl Scout leader.
I have a boy in Cub Scouts.
I'm still a headstrong feminist, fighter for social justice and equality on multiple fronts, and work hard to follow these goals without coopting the existing movements.

So I think the next thing to do is to link this to my FB page. Maybe that way I won't lose it again. Oh, and I was happy to review my entries and find my 2009 reading list. Hehehe, the one from 2015 is growing too. Some things don't change a bit!

July 2nd, 2010

Wow, I knew I was getting bad at writing here, but I didn't realize I'd let a whole year lapse!

Ok, pulling things up to speed-the kids are growing fast as weeds. Emma is 6, reading, writing, hijacking my facebook account to play Petville and other apps. Alex is 2, and as his sister did as his age, he's figured out the VCR and DVD player. He's not so good with the DS, but mostly because Emma broke the "kid" one and I've been lazy and hesitant to pull the DS's out again.

I hopped back on because writing is fun and I should give my computer some writing love instead of my paper journals (which is where I think most of my life has gone!). I did Nanowrimo in the fall, kicked ass and I'm waiting on approval of my files so I can score my free proof copy. By the way, sometimes title pages DO matter and you have to make sure you get them right. Otherwise my novel would be ordered!

Anyway, chances are, if you're reading this, you use either Twitter or FB too. I check Twitter every other month...maybe. But if you poke me on FB, I'll be back to you within a day, 2 if I happen to be swamped. So bug me, remind me and tell me to write more.

Oh, and this is a reminder to me that my next entry should be THIS year's reading list. I have a To read list and a "ZOMG I finished it list". Not a week has gone by that I haven't been editing my story and reading three different books at any given time. Add that, cake classes and raising two kids and it's easy to see why I was MIA!

May 11th, 2009

Book list

So far this year I've read:
Ready to Read, Ready to Count Handbook
Why We're Liberals, an Analysis of a Post-Bush America
Critical (about health care being abysmal in this country.
Go Green and Get Rich (how to save money going green).
Also perused but haven't finished or didn't read entirely
The Birthday Cake book
Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes
The Cake Mix Doctor
The Cupcake Doctor
3 gardening books (one on annuals, one on perennials and one on hardy Southern plants.
Training the Hard to Train Dog.

Currently working on:
Blue Dixie-How the Democratic Party can win the South
Special Commentaries-Keith Olbermann
Ready to Read
Getting Ready to Read
and at least 3 other books dealing with children reading.

This does not include ANY children's books or magazines.

March 29th, 2009

I'm spending too much time on my mommy boards and facebook. Sorry for being out of touch. I guess I should twitter more? People who twitter, let me know and I'll try and log in over there some more.

Valentine's day week-My baby brother came up to visit us for the weekend. We had a great visit and went to Golden Dragon for V-day lunch. Simple and sweet.

Week after V-day-nothing big. Made a cake for Chris's family get together. Sorta random, but I wanted to play with fondant before I had to make Emma's big cake.

Last week of Feb-We all got horribly sick. Every last one of us, from me and Chris, at the same time and alternating, to Emma to finally the baby. Emma missed school for the first time ever. Being sick and having to care for two kids is NOT fun at all.

First week of March-Snow! OMG it was amazing! Pics of the kids in the snow are here: It's so much easier for me to put pics up through FB. Sorry! We had fun even though it was nerve wracking. I was really scared that we'd lose power and I had no clue what we'd do about it. I was mostly worried about the kids getting too cold and stuff. I hope everyone was able to stay safe and mostly warm through it.

Second week of March-Emma's spring break. It would have been better if Emma hadn't been home sick for two days at the end of Feb and 2 more days for the snow days. She only went to school the Friday before snow (on a field trip to the 5 pts fire station)and the last three days of the snow week. We did extra trips to the library and got ready for Momocon. Also, shortly after the snow, the washing machine broke. They were supposed to fix it at the end of spring break but took down our number wrong and skipped over us.

Third week of March-This was a busy week. I had to go to the laundromat to do laundry due to the machine being broken and the repair guy missing us (bad number). Ugh. I started making Emma's cake on Wed of that week for her friend birthday party on Saturday. The machine was fixed on Thurs morning. I was bsrely able to get all the stuff done that day! Emma's party was awesome. Pics of the cake making process are here: The party was a lot of fun. Her friends Aeri, Clare and Rebekah were able to make it, as well as Cindy's son Ephrum. There were even two baby friends (younger siblings) for Alex-Lyla and Baily (both 9 month old girls :) ). The theme was pirates and princesses.

This week has been recovering from the party and preparing for the family party. That went pretty well. The house is really nice looking downstairs. Now I just need to work upstairs! Crappy stuff from this week though-on Tuesday my cell phone charm (of Fruits Basket) broke. I'd just bought it at Momocon and now I think I should try to contact the dealer and see what's up. I know they're supposed to last longer than 10 days and it's not like I was abusing it or anything! Also, the washing machine broke again. That happened tonight after the party was over. Chris was running a load of diapers and when he went to do the second wash, the machine started smoking and stopped working. The first time the machine broke, it filled up with water and simply stopped. I had just started diapers and had to pull the wet poopy diapers out and haul them to the laundromat (thank God for long latex rubber gloves!). So earlier tonight I went and finished washing the diapers by hand. Since I had soapy water, I went ahead and hand washed a poopy diaper just to get it out of the way. We have a 90 day guarantee on the washing machine repair. It really seems like something with the repair went wrong. If that's what caused the machine to fuck up, I think we'll see if we can't just get store credit for the $200 we paid to try and fix the stupid machine. If the "repair" made it worse then I want my money back.

I think that's about all that's been going on. I've been baking like a mad woman for all the birthdays and cakes. The random cake I made required one box of devil's food cake mix. The cake I made for my father-in-law required one yellow cake mix. It was a beer cake with chocolate frosting-yum! The alcohol baked out so it was safe for all to enjoy. Then for Emma's giant rainbow castle cake, I used two boxes of white cake mix. Then the first try stuck to the pan (issues with ensuring enough time to fully bake the cake). So I made it again (another two boxes of white cake mix). Finally, I used a box of funfetti cake mix for the top tier-yes the cake had two tiers! Then a few days later I used a box of yellow mix to make cupcakes for Emma's class. The dog got some of them and I had to make more with another box of cake mix. Finally, I made a cake for the family birthday party today, using up another box of yellow cake mix. I've probably also used about half a gallon of milk and maybe 2 dozen eggs? I used the cake doctor and cupcake doctor for all the cakes instead of following what the box said to do.

February 3rd, 2009

Major overdue update

Ok, so I've been off this site for at least two months now. Once the election was over, Nanowrimo and Thanksgiving chased after me like anime fan girls after yaoi. Obviously things didn't slow down much for Christmas. I've had an entire month to recover and we're finally getting back to the way things were.

Nanowrimo-Wrote at least 5k words...or was it 10k. Not a winner, but beat the word count from last year.

Thanksgiving-Was good. Visited Chris's family and the meal and company were nice. Alex turned 7 months old just before the big day.

Christmas-Hectic chaos. All shopping was completed about on time. Traveled to Augusta, spent time with my family. After that, went up to SC to see my grandpa and more family. Visited friends from high school (was lots of fun). Finally ended up making it to Atlanta to visit with Lucci and Jon's family.

Jan-Got the kids back to a normal sleep bed before 8pm for school and stuff. Helped Lucci find her wedding dress. Finalized the bridesmaid dress. I need to post up the flower girl dresses here for the few people here that don't do facebook.

Right before last week, Alex got sick with a high fever. He's doing better now. I took him to the dr the next to last Fri of Jan and he was fine. Then at his 9 month check up, he had a double ear infection. So he's taking amoxicillin and he's almost done with it. He goes back on Thurs to see if it's cleared up. Oh, I'm still allergic to penicillin. I got some of his meds on my hand and didn't wipe it right off. My hand started itching from just the contact!

Last Sat Alex army crawled for the first time ever. I have no idea how to upload the video here. It's cute though.

Sorry the updates have been non-existent lately. If I missed something major, just drop me a line. I have no idea how far back I can go on my friends' page.

November 25th, 2008

Infant Formula Alert

Thank God we're breastfeeding successfully this time around! I don't know who knows other moms who use formula, but THIS: is scary shit. It happened back in Sept in higher levels in Chinese formula and now it's hit the states. says that it's in the big three that almost everyone uses, Similac, Enfamil and Nestle Good Start. Please, if you know someone who has a baby and they use formula, send along the info. They have to keep using a formula until baby's 12 months old, but they should at least be informed of what's going on. This just sickens me!

November 6th, 2008


Change is good. I like the change Obama's going to bring. WOOT! But WTF is up with Facebook and LJ changing more stuff? My mommy board that I post on also changed their format to a Facebook/Myspace/LJ hybrid. I WISH I were kidding.

Websites that I like...STOP CHANGING. Or at least try to pace it out so I don't wake up and everything online is different!

Oh, almost forgot, hotmail has another damn new look. LEAVE IT ALONE!

November 5th, 2008

OMG! :)

Yes We Can has become Yes We Did!

Tonight history was made. Tonight I woke up Emma to let her hear Obama speak. I wish I'd woken her up earlier when McCain gave his speech. I am very excited. I can't wait until 2012.

Earlier todayEarlier TodayCollapse )
We made history!

November 3rd, 2008

Yes we can meme

Sorry for the long absence. I was carried away with politics, adjusting to Emma going to school and the general wreck that is dealing with a teething baby and other parental stresses.

I'll post a real life update after the election. This meme is special for the night before the election. It's simple. What follows is why I voted for Obama. All I ask is that you make your own journal entry (here or anywhere else you might blog) and post a link to it in the comments. Send this link or your own link to all your friends and ask them to do the same. I'll start.

Why I voted for Barak Obama

On Halloween, I took the opportunity to vote early in GA. My future voters and I went downtown so I could cast my ballot for Obama. What follows are the reasons and issues which led me to my choice.

The most important thing to me is the health and happiness of my family. DH and I received a college education and we want the same opportunity for our children. I support our troops, but I have never supported the war. I love our planet and want to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us so that my children and their children and future generations can enjoy the beauty of the earth. I feel that women need to support each other and fight for the benefit of women worldwide in addition to those less fortunate. Our economy is in dire need of help and leadership. We MUST have change to survive.

DH and I have experienced life without health insurance. We did not go down that path willingly. Unfortunately, when it came down to making ends meet and purchasing health insurance, we chose to make ends meet, and still struggled at that. Obama's health care plan is not socialist. It is not the same health care system that Canada and England have. Simply put, Obama wants everyone to be able to afford health insurance. By doing this, health costs across the board will be lowered. He will also help change the coverage that is offered to include individuals with pre-existing conditions ranging from pregnancy to blood disorders to cancer.

He will improve our nation's education system. Starting from the beginning, he will increase funding for preschool programs and allow more children to get a great hand up in the world through early education. He will reform No Child Left Behind. It is leaving children behind by teaching them the test and not the curriculum. Schools need funding to hire more teachers and new teachers to improve the education of the students which it serves. Less money means less teachers, overcrowded classrooms and less educational resources. Obama wants to stop the cycle of failing schools. In addition to that, education shouldn't end with high school graduation. College costs have been skyrocketing. When I entered college in 2000, tuition was mostly affordable with reasonable student loans and other financial aid. My brother followed 2 years later. During his college years, tuition jumped 35%. Our two younger brothers barely have the resources to afford college. I feel that if Obama were to offer his plan to increase college funding to my brother that it would be very welcome.

One year before I had my DD, the war in Iraq began. She turns 5 in the spring. What was supposed to be a quick war has lasted for too long. I remember sitting with my friends on spring break when the war started. We watched the news after working on a house for Habitat for Humanity. I was in disbelief that we were actually going to war without being provoked. "Preemptive strike"? Why? Didn't we set the board the way it was when we went in to "fix the problem"? I have prayed for nearly 5 years now for an end to the war in Iraq. Every Sunday at my church we pray for peace. I would like to have peace in Iraq. At this point, I'd simply like our troops to come home safely and stay here.

I feel that oil is not the answer. It will not always be there...we'll eventually run out. We need to conserve what we have and explore new options that will last. Forget hybrid cars...I was promised my flying cars as a child. I'm sure we can make those environmentally friendly too!

I pray that women can help each other overcome their obstacles. I want my daughter to have equal pay. If she and her brother choose the same career, I want them to be paid the same. I want her to know her options for contraceptives when she grows up. I would rather help her prevent an unwanted pregnancy than have to consider the options of abortion or adoption. I want my future grandchildren to be welcomed, not feared. I am pro-life, but I feel that it is not right to impose my beliefs on others. Women should have safe, legal access to abortion. Should a life-threatening complication arise in a future pregnancy for myself or my daughter, I'd like to have the option of saving my life over the unborn child. I want women's rights protected across the board. I want people who abuse women in the privacy of homes to be fully prosecuted. I want more awareness of domestic violence and more prevention programs to protect women everywhere.

I want a strong economy. I don't care if my taxes will go up or down. I want spending power increased in the middle class, where money is actually spent and not hoarded. I want my dollar to be worth something. I want someone who can lead the economy through troubled water and who doesn't panic when chicken little says the sky is falling.

I want change. I want Obama for president. I want the best future for my children and family.

To my close friends who I know will be voting for McCain, go for it. I know why you feel McCain is the best choice for you and your family.

To anyone undecided, I hope you will consult with your conscience when you go to vote. I hope that you will vote with me.

To my fellow Obama supporters "Yes, we can!"

September 15th, 2008

Baby Booby Boy

Just a quick amusing story for the masses.

Alex is getting to be a smart cookie. That breastfeeding really does boost intelligence! Today as I was leaving the grocery store, he started grabbing my boob and was trying to move my shirt. Too bad buttons are a skill for much older kids! He wasn't very obvious about it, so I don't think anyone else really saw it as anything more than him just batting at mommy. I think I only recognized it because we're breaking the "twiddling" habit. Note to self...keep wearing button ups...I bet the bugger would just pull down a low cut top to get to the goods!
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